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Attori, danzatori, comici e temerari dell'arte. Giochiamo il teatro sociale, la commedia dell'arte, la danza, la musica e la performing art.

Scriviamo canzoni, idee, poesie.

Sudiamo le stesse fatiche. Mischiamo gesto, azione, ritmo e testo, per il resto... amiamo la cucina

Truck Theater project

Who sits dry, who moves licks!

Said Olga's grandfather.

And we have the desire to move, and a lot and in company.

As in the best traditions of comedians and walkers, we too, like a famous traveler Colombo, have charted the route! The means and not the end moves us , and it is precisely the means that we want to talk about, to bring the theater anywhere and with anyone who wants to get on the wagon.  

A truck that can be opened and becomes a stage , the Truck Theater we decided to call it, now it is there and its 4 wheels are already walking, a stage , a winch , illustrations with tapes ... our traveling theater was born to create in an agile and sustainable way all sorts of shows, in any place you want.  

The Truck Theater is an all-round sharing Theater , a place to be shared at 360 ° thanks to its versatile potential: it can offer and host  theatrical performances, concerts, screenings, multidisciplinary events, artistic installations, exhibitions, cultural conferences.  

The reference area is potentially unlimited: from the big city to the small town, from the European festival to the festival. The traveling theater allows us to reach areas and contexts otherwise unattainable.  

Our Truck is available to everyone :  public, regional, provincial, municipal bodies, anyone responsible for the realization of cultural events can request the Truck Theater for their project idea, for a specific artistic initiative, or for an entire period. A means, to be put in the middle.
The visibility of everyone, or of those who intend to get on it, travels on four wheels: even private companies , interested in new forms of advertising and traditionally inattentive to cultural sponsorship, will find in this new medium a concrete possibility of marketing and communication, thanks to its numerous faces traveling by road.

Our project on wheels for everyone and everyone: Truck Theater!

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