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Commedia all'improvviso




Suddenly, unexpected, improvised, unexpected ... surprising: an unknown journey between certainties and explorations that guide the public into that colorful and overwhelming world of the Commedia dell'Arte. Like magnifying glasses, masks are able to magnify desires, sufferings, passions, fantasies and instincts, of men and women, giving the public the opportunity to look at themselves, to recognize themselves and laugh at their fears and their difficulties, their vices and morality, of the dramas and choices that life poses every day and which inevitably cannot be avoided.

The actors - comedians propose  to the public several jokes and improvisations that retrace the typical dynamics that the comedy tells, each time presenting different canvases within a unique project that takes the name of "Comedy suddenly": the love of young people who with their own feelings they are ready for everything and overwhelm everything; the senile love of the old masters who, addicted to power, believe they can possess what nature no longer allows them; the physical and animal love of the servants, an explosion of pleasure without demeanor, "morality", or modesty. The power of the bosses, who at all costs try to maintain and preserve their victories, riches and titles, in order not to accept the mutability of nature. The atavistic hunger that grips the Zanni, the servants, as opposed to the approval of the masters, and the interests they exercise in the lives of young people and the servants themselves.

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