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Truck Theater

Fundraising to implement the Truck Theater with electrical and video / audio / light systems that can allow the complete technological independence of the vehicle through a battery system, in order to bring the show to areas and contexts otherwise unreachable.

With the Truck Theater we want to share the Theater outside the Theater.

Support the Truck Theater project

In an unusual historical moment, we felt the urgency and the duty, as artists, to find an alternative possibility for the promotion and dissemination of art and culture . The impossibility of finding ourselves in a place designated for cultural initiatives (theaters, literary cafes, etc.) has enabled us to seek “other” spaces for artistic and cultural events.

The need for new forms of culture and entertainment is unavoidable. From these reasons the Truck Theater project was born. The intent is to place the experience of the theater at the center of the civis, to " bring the theater to the public" . As? Through the creation of a new and modern wagon of comedians, with which it is possible to do theater in any place and in complete safety.
A mobile stage, inspired by the old Carrozzoni of the Commedianti dell'Arte of the sixteenth century, completely and modernly equipped with all the technique and art within itself and which allows the agile realization of events aimed at enriching and enhancing the context itself.

The modularity of the opening of the Traveling Theater makes it possible to use it in different forms, which can be opened in a few minutes and becomes a stage with audio, lights and video. It can accommodate shows or concerts, conferences, projections, debates, metropolitan incursions or even, recreate a "room" for immersive and multimedia shows capable of hosting a limited number of visitors or simply small exhibitions.

With the fundraising we intend to implement the Truck Theater of electrical and video / audio / light systems that can allow it through a battery system, without therefore the obligation to be connected to the electricity grid, the complete technological independence of the vehicle , in order to bring the show in areas and contexts otherwise unattainable . Furthermore, to complete and improve the project, we plan to amplify the staging and at the same time start the promotion and organization of the project.

With the Truck Theater  we want to share the Theater outside the Theater by meeting the public and the companies in the streets, in the squares, even better where there are no theaters or these are closed (a phenomenon that affected our sector even before the pandemic) or in those cities where new spaces and / or theatrical seasons are to be promoted.
A simple and functional project that draws on the past to re-propose itself in an agile and technological way in the present , ready to welcome new ideas, artistic visions, dressing up in different locations each time for the future.


Sostieni Truck Theatre
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