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Il tempo come respiro. Sancisce il ritmo e la temperatura d' animo.

Muove lo scheletro e ne detta i movimenti... Attendi e ripeti, mentre la musica lascia che emerga la voce dell'emozione.




Towards Ithaca seminar held by Emma Dante at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza. From the CDA to the new languages at the Teatro della Pergola. Teachers: N. Wolcz, M. Monetta, M.Proulx, J. Skubaczkowski.  The Dubliners Teatro La Comunità with Giancarlo Sepe. Meeting with Fabio Mangolini and Enrico Bonavera at Bibiena in Mantua. Clown internship with Hernan Genè  Stilt and circus arts stage at the Potlach Theater  Stage of Mime with Michele Monetta. Clown internship with Sergio De Maglio on Il Clown, the structures of the comedian under the supervision of prof. Ferruccio Marotti.  International stage of Commedia dell'arte with Carlo Boso AIDAS de Montreuil Paris. Acrobatic stage with the acrobats of the company of Giorgio B. Corsetti. Degree in Performing Arts and Sciences (Theater) at La Sapienza Stage of acting with Carlo Quartucci and Carla Tatò  Acrobatics stage with the circus acrobat Julien Lambert.  Stage on the natural voice (Linklater Method) with Gabriele Parrillo.  2007 - 2010 Highly specialized stage on Commedia dell'arte with  Claudio De Maglio aimed at staging the show La faithful Isabella with the direction of Claudio De Maglio and the supervision of prof. Ferruccio Marotti.   

Masks: Doctor, Captain.   

2007 - 2009 Auroville Theater School directed by Augusto Zucchi.   

INSTRUMENTS PLAYED: Guitar  LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English and school French. DIALECTS: Roman, Calabrian, Apulian, Sicilian.  SPORT: Tennis, volleyball, swimming, soccer, sailing.  

Street Theater  Skills in Motion Capture.  


2018 Immaculate Conception by Joele Atanasi. Vucciria Teatro. "Winner of Teatri del Sacro"
2017 Beasts of the scene by Emma Dante.
  Il Volpone by Ben Jonson, Written and directed by Alessio Nardin.  
A Sciuquè written, directed and interpreted by me.
  Winner of the RomaFringe Festival, Best Show, Best Direction 
Digital Theater Decameroscope, Conceived and directed by Flaviano Pizzardi.
2015 Carmen (Opera) by Bizet, directed by Emma Dante. Milan staircase.
Shottery Road written and directed by Chiara Spoletini.
DAdP Autonomous Dignities of Prostitution of Luciano Melchionna
2013 La Ridiculosa Commedia della Terra disputed text and direction Claudio de Maglio
2012 Favole by O. Wilde directed by Giancarlo Sepe
The imaginary lovers directed by Leonardo Petrillo, prod. Theater of Rome.

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